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How are you going, lovely? Really? Do feelings like emptiness, alone, stuck, trapped, helplessness strike a chord with you?  Are there times when you feel like you are suffocating in your own sense of powerless to change anything?


Are fears and insecurities running your life?


Are you asking why am I here?
What’s my point?
Who am I?


And if you get these answers what are you supposed to do next?

Come, have a conversation with me and over a cup of tea we can work together to re-write your story and reconnect you to your magic. Together, let’s have the soul-healing conversations that you need.

Wise Woman talks are a time when we come together, and I will hold the space for you to feel supported and heard.

Wise Woman talks are a time where communication comes from the heart and soul and from this deeper place we can reconnect with your Inner Goddess, or Wise Woman … and this is where the magic begins.

Let’s talk about what you want to do, be, have.

Together we can co-create a way to support you to release, create, discover your hopes and dreams.

I’ve been where you are beautiful woman.

Believe me, I know exactly how you are feeling and if you are anything like me and are in the same space I was, you feel helpless to make any changes. The doubts arise because ‘who are you’ if you do? Who will I upset? Maybe you believe you are ‘not that person.’

You’re feeling that no matter what you do, nothing works. You are operating on broken glass from the minute you step out of bed. You are trapped in this cycle forever. This is your life.

You are never going to be good enough. You are broken, empty, inherently flawed and no one will ever love you and you will die alone. This was me. This was my head talk.

Finally now someone can understand, and will and hear what you are saying. I have been where you are now. I was scared, actually terrified and tip-toeing around on eggshells, frying my adrenals and not knowing who I was or what I should do with my life. I felt hopeless.

I had a stream of undermining bullshit stories running through my head that I was invested in as my truth.

Not until I began self enquiry did I realise what I was missing. It was connection. Reconnecting to my higher self, my Inner Goddess, my God-Self, the Universe was what gave me hope. Ironically it was through self enquiry that I realised I was looking for The answer as to why I was broken.

I thought it was a cosmic joke that I presented with so much beauty and yet inside I was an ugly, broken, tragic mess. The real truth I discovered was within me all along, but this time I listened to my soul’s voice, my Inner Goddess not the egoic stories of my mind.

Self enquiry helped me to reveal all facets of my Self and come to have compassion and love for them, the dark, the light and the brindled! It supported my need to see and believe in my awesome, release the disempowering patterns that were not serving me and to rewrite my empowering story that set me free on my journey of evolution.


l am so grateful I could revolutionise my life an you know what?! I didn’t need courage. How could I anyway? I was living in fear! I was so afraid of making change. I didn’t need to be radical and shake things up. I was terrified of rocking the boat.  I simply needed to relearn how to love myself, how to be vulnerable and trust myself, and ultimately to feel safe.


I was at a point where I was so over my victim story. I had come to crossroads and realised I either have to accept that this is how it is or make a change. I knew I had been handing my power over to everyone else, but a change was something only I could do. I started at the best place, the only place. Me. I changed Me.


If you have any of these or other doubts & fears running your lifestory and you can see no way to change, no way out then come join me at The Sanctuary for the soul-healing wisdom that will ignite your creativity and support your highest calling in life.
I will hold, the space you need to feel supported and heard.


You may have watched my 3-part video of my evolution on Facebook, now I’d like to support you to rewrite yours.


Come and connect with your Inner Wise Woman. Let’s journey to a deeper place to uncover what you really want to experience and uncover in your life. Your journey of evolution.


You will walk away from our session feeling heard and be given tools to support the continuation of this process. There are no quick fixes! But there is Support and Light waiting for you at The Sanctuary.


I’m here to support you in whatever way I can. Let’s continue this conversation in my Facebook group Shining Your Light With Gratitude, by invitation only! This sacred group is a beautiful safe space to share. That way if you have any questions about what is  going on then we have sanctuary space available.


Sometimes all you need is to have someone there just to hold space for you. Not give any advice. Just be there to help you fill your cup. To show you the tools you can use to full your own cup and have so much love and compassion and empathy for where you are at. Maybe you just need that. Nothing to fix. Nothing to mend. Just more of your Divine self to reveal.
Maybe there is some really beautiful spiritual prescription we can write for you that can help you make a massive leap out of this dark hole you’re in. Maybe there’s not! Maybe all you need is just to come and sit with someone and offload where you know it’s not going to go anywhere. Where you know it is just an amazing beautiful sacred space where Wise Women just come together to connect.


I will hear you and write your spiritual prescription.

Bespoke prescriptions …. what do You need? This is not a generic offering as I recognise you as an individual, a unique being on this planet with unique requirements.

We are like snowflakes. Not one blueprint is the same.

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Medicine mantras,  Story rewrite with Gratitudes, Affirmations, Vow or Belief Change, Parts Integration, EFT, Variety of Journey Processes, Guided Meditation, QSB (Quantum Scalar Box – Tesla) Chakra Meditation , Initiatic (Sensorymotor) Art Therapy, Visualisations, Vision Board creation, Personal Totem Pole creation.

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As a certified Journey Practitioner, I offer private sessions online so that we can both journey together wherever you are in the world.

I am honoured to have been gifted with the knowledge on how to facilitate a deep transformation, a powerful healing journey for you, the returning to your light and the remembering and reconnection of your divine essence.

Initial Deep Clearing Journey Session

90 Mins $205

Standard Journey Session (for returning clients)

60 Mins $135

Mini Clearing Sessions (see below for more info)

30 Mins $70

– Phobia cure

– Pain control

– Parts integration

– Belief change

– Vow change

– 6 step reframe

To book a session, please contact me by clicking on the button below.

  • Thank you for coming and spreading your love for vision boards with us all.  It was wonderful to have you and I especially loved being able to host a workshop. Always a great way to get likeminded people in, and in the comfort of my own home, which made it even more relaxed and special. I am so proud of my vision board and have moved it to a more prominent position( I think I will keep moving it around the house as it is a vision to see and gives me great vibes). My teenage daughter also enjoyed putting a few goals together and it was exciting to see what she has planned!

    Sarah Hutson
    Sarah Hutson
  • Wow wow wow... I just googled all my spirit animals that came through and their meanings... so appropriate with what's going on... amazing!!! Much love x

    Danni Bee
    Danni Bee
  • Lisa is an amazing person - deeply caring, very intuitive and super creative. I recommend doing any workshop or session Lisa offers because you will love the journey it will open up within you and she will guide you lovingly and professionally. Her wealth of experience and personal journey of empowerment can light the way for anyone seeking the path of healing, self-love, spiritual awakening and personal development. If you are thinking about booking some time with Lisa, all I can say is “do it.”

    Anna Filliol
    Anna Filliol
  • Charlotte has not stopped raving about you ♥️ she loves you as do I 💗💗💗 thank you for sharing your heart and spirit with us xxx

    Megan Ward

Chakra Processes 

– Base

– Sacral

– Solarplexus

– Heart

– Throat

– Third eye

– Crown

Journey Processes

– Emotional Process

– Physical Process

– Combined Emo/phys

– Abundance Process

– Journey Woman

– Junior Journey

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