I am happiest when I am aligned with my soul’s purpose. I feel so blessed that this is empowering women through reconnecting them with their divine essence, as well as helping children to stay connected to their magic.

As a Journey Practitioner with a background as a Primary School Teacher, my heart is full when I share my space with women, young women and enjoy magical play with children.

I want you to experience the beauty and divinity of the universe and our planet and the cosmos.

I want to share my experiences in the hope that it will help you….why?

Why I am so passionate about helping you?

Because when a woman can heal herself she heals us all.

When a woman sheds light on her divine essence, she sheds light on the world.

When she radiates and emanates this on the cellular level, this vibration reaches the cosmos and we all need it!

We all need to heal the matriarchal wounds so this planet can co-exist in harmony again.

Sounds big I know, though it starts small.

That’s how powerful we are.

This is why you were drawn here to The Sanctuary, to my work, to me.

I am honoured to have been gifted with the knowledge on how to facilitate this very transformation, a powerful healing journey for you, the returning to your light and the remembering and reconnection of your divine essence.

I offer private sessions online so that we can both journey together wherever you are in the world.

You can book in at a time that suits you by clicking on the button below.

I look forward to meeting you,

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