The meeting of the four waters

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There are many things in life I am not 100% sure of. However I can say that my life to date has syncronistically brought me to this perfect moment where I can finally impart to you some wisdom I was entrusted with to “share with all the Woman’s” by a Peruvian Sharman.

My guide organised a ceremonial blessing with Grandfather Vidal at the Sacred Water Temple in Tipon, Peru. Tipon is an ancient Inca site of aqueducts and water temples. A very sacred place for the convergence of flowing water from all directions: North, South, East, and West. I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate place to connect with the magic of Grandfather Vidal. You know how you have that place that you have absolutely no idea why you want to go but your soul yearns for it. Peru has always been a place I have longed to go to, even as a child. I love the sound of the word and I felt like I’d come home.

Juan, my guide had a young assistant he was training named Ruth. Ruth had arrived early to prepare the area for the ceremony. Like many people in her community Ruth had the utmost respect for the Shaman Grandfather Vidal. To be able to participate in one of his blessings was an honour.

Ruth had brought with her a vibrantly striped pink, blue and green woolen blanket perfectly woven with white flowers and condors in alpaca wool and had spread it out on top of a secluded hill, securing a private site for us to perform the sacred water blessing. “This is frowned upon,” Juan whispers, “not encouraged.” This totally feeds my love of ritual and mystery, totally in my element, and totally in the zone I find a spot in the mat and the Grandfather sits beside me. Bliss.

For the ceremony Grandfather was dressed in crisp whites and an exquisitely embroidered vest. A gift from the craftswomen in his village who hand stitched the colourful garment with love and care for their elder. He was resplendent in his archetypal hat colourfully covered in seed beads with earflaps and neon bright tassels falling from the crown.

Over his shoulder Grandfather Vidal carried a plain cloth satchel. This inconspicuous bag contained all the ingredients he required as offerings for the blessing of the waters of Pachamama and the lifestream she holds dear in her embrace.

The moment I saw Grandfather Vidal I loved him immediately. He embraced me with a warm welcoming hug and a cheeky wink! He then motioned everyone to sit to first enjoy a cup of coca leaf tea together. In this moment it hit me that my presence here was part of an intimate gathering for global cleansing of the waterways and Peace on earth. An answer to a personal soul calling.

Grandfather passed his satchel to Ruth and asked her to begin unpacking the neatly wrapped little newspaper parcels, and two pottery bowls for the offerings. As Ruth began to unfold each individual parcel Grandfather spoke very directly to me.

“Why are you here, why do you come here, to Peru?” All of a sudden I am overwhelmed and my own waterworks start. Feeling slightly ridiculous I say through weepy breaths “Because I feel at home here. I have wanted to return all my life. My soul demanded this journey.” Totally unperturbed he simply nodded “Yes.” He said then paused, “You are here to take back a message for the woman’s. You must tell them that they are the Gods. It is the woman’s who are the Gods. They have forgotten. They say look at my big car, my big house, look at my diamonds, look at all my things! These things cannot feed you, they do not give you life! We can help make Pachamama happy again, we can remember and everyone can live in peace.

It is the woman’s who must say,
I am grateful for the beautiful sky, the sun, the moon and the planets that travel through it, thank you Pachamama.
I am grateful for the oceans and the rivers and the lakes, thank you Pachamama.
I am grateful for the fresh air I breath, thank you Pachamama.
I am grateful for the earth and the plants that grow for my food, thank you Pachamama. Look at my vegetable garden, look at my healthy children, look at my good health. When the woman’s start to say these things then the men will stop working and destroying Pachamama and themselves to get these things for the Gods. Tell them this. You are here to make the connection between the condor and the kangaroo. Take this message back to the world. To those who have forgotten.”

I simply nodded in agreement. Simultaneously understanding everything, while being completely lost for words.
After he had finished speaking Grandfather Vidal began the ceremony. Ruth had set out two small pottery bowls, one for South America and one for the World. Grandfather attended to the South American bowl and he instructed me to take care of the world’s bowl.

One at a time we placed coca leaves for singular blessings including family members, countries and Pachamama; coca seeds for abundance; lollies for the sweetness in our lives; party sprinkles for happy surprises; a wad of mixed herbs and incense for blessings for the removal of negative energy so to be of greater service to help Pachamama; the fat of a llamas foot representing food for Apus, the spirit of the mountain rolled in seeds, the seeds an offer to Pachamama; and a sprinkle of ‘100’s and 1000’s’ a present for God of Wiracocha in the Andean world. These items were covered in coloured unspun wool placed in the middle of the bowls offerings; and glitter sprinkles for the right use of gold and silver minerals from Pachamama’s earth. All the ingredients honoured the earth in some way.

Once the two bowls were overflowing with offerings Grandfather Vidal lit the contents and fanned the flame with two large condor feathers. The combination of burning ingredients released a wonderfully sweet spicy aroma. Then Grandfather nodded to Juan and closed his eyes. Juan had participated in many ceremonies so he knew exactly what to do. I was in unfamiliar territory so I attentively followed Juan’s cues. As Juan collected the South American bowl solemnly in two hands, I took the World bowl and followed him as he moved away from the group towards the edge of the hill holding the sacred offerings in outstretched arms . Juan buried his bowl under rock rubble as a symbolic contribution of gifting love and nourishment back into Pachamama. As I did the same my body became covered in goosebumps (just as it is now as I recall this) Overcome with humility tears rolled down my cheeks. As looked up to the sky in that moment it echoed my heart as a sprinkle of rain fell upon my upturned face.

Grandfather noted the rain as the skies opened up. He opened his eyes and raised his arms in laughter.
“Pachamama and Father Sky have heard us, our wishes have been heard! It is a day of great celebration,”he called out to us all with a grin so wide it was contagious.

As we walked slowly down towards the crossarms of the four waters converging from North; South; East; West, Grandfather Vidal offered to give everyone a water blessing as a farewell gift. “Visitors first,” he said, using his black and grey Andean Condor plumage as an extension of his arm to organize us. Continuing his use of the Condor feathers, Grandfather dipped them into the water and brushed the wet feathers over my forehead so only words of love are thought; then over her heart so only words of love are felt; over my shoulders to release any burdens; and finally over my mouth so only words of love are spoken. Then he asked me to open her hands, palms up so he could brush the sacred feathers over open palms to bless them with love, creativity, abundance and fingertips to touch with healing, love and creativity.

Once the final fingertip was blessed we left the sacred water temple via a set of perfectly formed stone steps that protruded from a perfectly formed stonewall created by the ancient Inca. One marvel after another.

Take from this what you will. For me the message was about self sovereignty and being mind full of where you focus your gratitude, because it will change your world.

Create. Breathe. Connect

Sending you much Love & light
Lisa x

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