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If you are new to the idea of a sacred space and wish to set up an altar or an sacred area in your home here are a few ideas. An important thing to remember when setting up a sacred space is that the space is just that – Sacred.

It is your place of connection. In our busy lives it is a gift to be able to claim some time and space where you can sit with yourself with intention in a space you have created to honour yourself, practise rituals, journaling, mantra, and of course gratitude.

Previously we discussed the power of a purge! The same procedure applies with creating your sacred space. There are many methods to cleanse and prepare your space or altar. The choices can be a little overwhelming as to what ritual is right or what is the best incense or crystals to use. My answer always to questions of right or wrong in all things esoteric is do what feels right to you. If you don’t like the smell of sage for example then its counter intuitive to smoke your house out with it, I’m a bit like that with Palo Santo. Mugwort is a powerful space cleanser but my favourite is Nag Champa. It’s sweet calming aroma transports me back to the heady streets of Rishikesh in India. The bottom line is that it is all about intention and what fills your senses with calm and joy.

When you are smudging or wafting your incense it is important to have pure thoughts and intentions. Just as your word is your spell you smoke is your wand. When you authentically approach your cleansing rituals to create a sacred space from your heart the Universe can only conspire in your favour.

I like to include a balance of the elements either pictorially or as an item. So for example I would have my candle burning for fire and I also like the idea that fire invokes the Goddess of fire to burn away all dross and unwanted energies. For me a candle turns the ordinary into the sacred. I have different crystals to represent the earth depending on my vibe. Let them talk to you and choose the one that you are drawn to. They are great communicators – we do use them in computers! So trust and feel into your choice. Remember to cleanse them under the full moon too so they can refresh & recharge. Water on my altar is represented by shells and mermaid oracle cards. I have also had a dolphin and whale figurine. If you have an image it should always be flowing, active water not stagnant. Air is in the conscious breath and ether is in the connection and honouring of the energies that support my process.

A big no no is dried flowers as they are dead energy. You are wanting to create abundant life and good chi energy. Potted herbs are great and very symbolic. Fresh flowers are great too just keep an eye on them and remove them as they finish their life cycle. A Journal and pen is essential for recording inspirations, gratitudes, appreciations and manifesting. Include mantras, or gentle back ground music there are many choices. As an energetic choice my favourites are Deva Pemal and Miten. I am really into mantras as medicine at the moment and there are some interesting studies out there on the efficacy of this (more on that later). Musical instruments are also great mood enhancers and and oracle cards are a perfect way receive guidance and often times answers to issues that are swirling around in our being.

Most of all create a ritual and a space that represents you. It is all about you. Honouring yourself and taking the time and place to do so. The best time for all of this is straight out of bed before the world arrives and you are still in dreamtime. At the end of the day is perfect for letting go and reconnecting. Full and new Moon times and solstices can be a time for special rituals and celebrations. These times are a guide. You are always free do as your heart calls and most of all have fun creating this sacred space for you!!

Create. Breathe. Connect

Sending you much Love & light
Lisa x

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