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The time combination of winter solstice and the dark moon (which is the best time to let go, it works so fast) has got me fully into mindful clearing and cleaning! But seriously you can do this anytime!

Would it surprise you to know that the word origin of “clutter” comes from the 1550’s word clot!
1550s, “to collect in heaps, crowd together in disorder,” variant of clotern “to form clots, to heap on” (c. 1400); related to clot (n.)

So where are the clots in your life? What is blocking your flow?

Today there are so many touters riding the commercial wave of “The Secret” who tell us we can have anything we want. Well I know the secret they are not telling you, you have to work for it. The term work is used in this context not as a verb of physical action but in the context of the world of esoteric self enquiry where it is used as a noun. Where the term “work” is used like a yardstick of enlightenment, “Have you done The Work?” or “She’s so enlightened, she’s done The Work’ The Work starts with you and your home, as your home is an energetic extension of you and is as equally as important to attend to as your detox or visit to your choice of healer. Even when we do a Vision Board we clear first to make room for the new. Cleansing is actually very exciting!

To me “The Work” is a little like landscaping. You must set the foundation, clear the rocks and weeds first. Prepare the soil, before you plant if you want and expect a beautiful lush abundant garden to grow. Even the application of makeup follows the same ritual … cleanse, prime, apply, look abundantly gorgeous! So you can see where I’m going with this. Even if you don’t know your “clots” you may well just have a sense or a knowing that something has to shift. Either way a good purge of the home with a super cleanse sets the perfect vibe for attracting the new and totally amazing!

Yes I am suggesting that cleaning is a spiritual practise especially when undertaken mindfully. The honouring of your environment puts you in charge of the energy of your home which feels super empowering. For eons cultures have exercised their own method of cleaning and cleansing themselves and their ‘space’ via rituals. The Chinese use Feng Shui; the Christians coined the phrase ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness”; the Japanese belief o-souji is more than getting your house prepared in December for the coming of the whole family, it symbolizes a fresh spirit and a new beginning. Egyptian magic has many purification rituals to provide prosperity and good health in life. In fact they were the original eco cleaners as they used Bi-Carb way before it was PC.

Another etymological fun fact … Bi Carb of Soda is also known as Natron & the chemical symbol for sodium is Na which is derived from the word Natron. Natron refers to Natron Valley in Egypt, from which natron was mined by the ancient Egyptians for use in burial rites.

Mindfully de-clutter, unclog and connect with your sense of home. It really is as simple as a box of bicarb, a cloth, some rubbish bags and good vibes. Put on some motivational tunes, go forth and clean! Who knows what amazing things you will make space for!

Sending you much Love & light
Lisa x

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